Five Things To Do (possibly more)

  • Seek out playlist glory via La Casa Artist Residency Sessions, which is (gloriously) based in Byron Bay. The whole project is backed by Corona, and yes, everybody looks like they’re hanging out where you’d rather be.
  • Ready to shake things up with the way things are? Tuck your confidence firmly into your front pocket with these tips on Pitching Your Case For Change.
  • Pause and let your brilliance steep, then introduce yourself to Alabama Shakes.
  • Search for lines from Cat on A Hot Tin Roof because Tennessee Williams was a boss. (“Maggie, we’re through with lies and liars in this house. Lock the door.”)
  • Watch Sound City, then watch as much of Sonic Highways as you can get your hands on, then getting Dave Grohl’s face tattooed on both your forearms.
  • Check out this little dude: the desert rain frog. He sounds like a squeak-toy and is listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, so the more people know about him, the better.
  • Survey your victorious handling of the day whilst listening to…

Five Things To Do

  • Learn about the large hadron collider. Here, I’ll start you off… it’s in Switzerland and makes people nervous because it could potentially cause the end of the world. Godspeed.
  • Become addicted to TED talks. Technology. Entertainment. Design. Acronyms.
  • Make donut toast: the single greatest usage of $1.50 Coles doughnuts ever envisaged by man.
  • Spend some time (even a few minutes) with somebody over the age of 65 or under the age of 6. They know things.
  • Try a little harder with your petty insults. Rather than calling somebody ‘silly’ or ‘dumb’ which could be seen as ‘childish’ paint a picture for your conversational comrades. Exempli gratia… ‘she’s surfing in Nebraska’ or my personal favourite, ‘his slinky’s kinked’.