Life Lust #5


And to brighten your life in general, and stoke the fires of motivation – A Pep Talk From Kid President via Soulpancake.

Not Cool Robert Frost.


Life Lust #4


2high Festival 2013

I worked on the 2012 Festival for a very large part of last year, and it was one of the highlights of my entire year.


It involves countless up-and-coming aspiring Brisbane artists and creative locals. This time around they have a new team and a new home as part of the line up of amazingness that is Bleach Festival (22 Feb – 3 Mar).

They’re scouting for new talent, and will no doubt showcase it spectacularly in their sunny new spot on the Gold Coast. They have a bandwagon and you should get on it.

  • Also, it’s Triple J Hottest 100 time again. Here’s my early tip for #1.
  • Would you like some cute for your Friday? Mmkay.


  • More? Here please – Extra Ordinary Comics
  • And just ’cause I like these dudes and they are Fueled By Ramen newbies… and also they are popping up on multiple To Watch in 2013 Lists. Including mine.

Life Lust #2

  • This TED talk from Morgan Spurlock
  • Cake Breakfast
  • Red lipstick & Wayfarers on girls who are busy DOING things, not trying to show everybody their red lipstick & Wayfarers. It’s the momentum that makes it.
  • Night time amateur snapper sessions: Friend + Self + iPhone + artistically shot pictures of sky/bats/lamp post/McDonald’s smoothie cup.
  • My open and honest communication mug. Pilfered from a previous workplace, features teddy bear doling out cartoon wisdom, holds perfect amount of tea.
  • Yelling “Man down!” during low risk situations – ideal for altercations with photocopiers/staplers/whiteout tape.
  • The word wingbat
  • Mexican themed apologies
  • Contemplating the muscle memory of hands


Life Lust #1

Ryan Gosling Vs Adorable Puppies – The competition is tighter than you may think.

What ever happened to Matt Corby? Well, apparently he grew up a bit, got himself a beard and became even better…

Lit Fix: Grammarist. Legitimate definitions for such gems as beeline, acephalous, mollycoddle, catachresis and imagism. Also lines up all of your favourite mistakes like inequality vs. inequity and triple vs. treble. You will learn things. Note: There is a definition for winningest. Yes, really. No, Charlie Sheen doesn’t know anything about it, nor shall he ever. 
General Entertainment Purposes: Mr Matt Granfield. Wrangler of words. Lucksmith, vagabond, volcanophobe – and generally very funny man.