Life Lust #3

  • Dollar store squirt guns. Terrorise workmates/housemates/fellow morning commuters. Endless fun.
  • Killer Mango & red wine combinations. Make a Sangria iceblock, you won’t regret it.
  • Conversations without walls. Rare and amazing.
  • Baking chewy choc-chip cookies in rainy weather. Wear this Spock apron because you can.
  • Insider knowledge. Because it’s nice to feel special.
  • The Fun Committee. Appoint one. Once it’s official there’s no turning back.
  • Tropfest – wit, intellect, vision, humour. Not much patience required.
  • And last but not least… My small adoptive Asian mum from downstairs. STORY TIME. She rescued myself and work friend from lunchtime indecision. After five minutes of kicking the pavement trying to figure out what we wanted, looking lost and forlorn, she came over, all smiles and Mother Hen vibes, took us inside and made us a chicken wrap. Three Cheers for Tiny Asian Mum.

Also… Australian Politics finally becoming interesting.

I don’t mean to court the drama but gosh, it’s better than the usual slanging matches isn’t it?

Kevin Rudd, former PM, now also former Foreign Minister resigned his post in order to (we can only assume as he is on a plane not telling people anything right now) make a play for PM again.

He was taken out by his own party, led at the time and to this day by Julia Gillard.

She looks nervous.

He looks self-satisfied.

People say he doesn’t have the numbers. I think men that clever don’t smile that much on TV unless they have a good reason to.

I hope they make a movie out of it in which Harrison Ford finally plays one of our politicians. Or Denzel Washington.