Life Lust #2

  • This TED talk from Morgan Spurlock
  • Cake Breakfast
  • Red lipstick & Wayfarers on girls who are busy DOING things, not trying to show everybody their red lipstick & Wayfarers. It’s the momentum that makes it.
  • Night time amateur snapper sessions: Friend + Self + iPhone + artistically shot pictures of sky/bats/lamp post/McDonald’s smoothie cup.
  • My open and honest communication mug. Pilfered from a previous workplace, features teddy bear doling out cartoon wisdom, holds perfect amount of tea.
  • Yelling “Man down!” during low risk situations – ideal for altercations with photocopiers/staplers/whiteout tape.
  • The word wingbat
  • Mexican themed apologies
  • Contemplating the muscle memory of hands