Valentine’s Day – Lovers versus Fighters

They happen with people, without people. They’ve happened on couches, at movies, at the beach, in love, in lust, in denial. Valentine’s Day happens to people after a massive breakup just as frequently as it does to people madly in love.

There will be ones when you’re surrounded by friends. It will still rock on by in the midst of happy single person time when you’ll most likely think it’s kind of a joke, call your friends and start drinking.

There are moments when people scattered across the globe will feel truly, legitimately, overwhelmingly romanced by another human, and they will be utterly thrilled to be as close to that person as they feel they are, whether they’re standing next to them or not.

Some of those moments will occur on Valentine’s Day.

There will be Valentine’s Days where you may just call it Tuesday and pretend it’s not happening, with no regard for what Hallmark has to say about it.

The point I’m trying to get at is, rather than getting too emotional about it – irony, noted – it’s really just a reminder to do something out of the ordinary.

Honestly, whether Valentine’s Day makes you want to stab people’s teddy bears or gets you all gooey, it’s a fairly obvious example of the power wielded by putting in a little extra consideration.

If your day is dedicated to making someone you care for feel amazing, because that’s exactly the way you see them, I hope it goes particularly well for you.

And if your concerted effort goes toward bursting every heart shaped balloon you see, then good luck to you also as you show a great deal of conviction. And there’s nothing more romantic than commitment.

Have a wonderful V-Day, Lovers.

And if you’re a rebel against the cause, well…

… make sure you have some fun with it, mmmkay?