The Moderns – Descartes (DB Collective / Green Distribution)

Beers and philosophy

These Gold Coast natives echo vintage Kings Of Leon while their lead singer, Samuel Rees, has you recalling Wolfmother before you can help yourself. The guitars are dirty enough to make each track feel nicely aged but not dated. Troubled Man, the pick of the album and its opening track, could easily soundtrack a Corona ad. It’s also where their album’s famous namesake, the so-called father of modern philosophy, René Descartes, shows up. “You said, ‘I think, therefore I am’/And I said, ‘I’m a troubled man’”. It’s a nice piece of escapism and possible anthem for lost boys everywhere. Other highlights are Beechmont and Wouldn’t Rock And Roll, with the latter introducing a rockabilly feel that exposes more depth to their sound. People throw around ‘from another era’ a lot, but there are no time constraints on the classics and The Moderns have a noteworthy crack at a cruisy rock album.

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