Marieke Hardy

Life Lust #2

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  • Marieke Hardy’s Valentine’s Day tweets
  • This TED talk from Morgan Spurlock
  • Heart shaped sugary anythings
  • Cake Breakfast
  • Red lipstick & Wayfarers on girls who are busy DOING things, not trying to show everybody their red lipstick & Wayfarers. It’s the momentum that makes it sexy.
  • Night time Amateur Snapper Sessions {Friend + Self + iPhone + artistically shot pictures of sky/bats/lamp post/McDonald’s smoothie cup}
  • My open and honest communication mug. It was pilfered from a previous workplace, features a teddy bear doling out his cartoon animal wisdom and holds the perfect amount of tea, thus the aformentioned pilfering.
  • Yelling “Man down!” during extremely low risk situations such as altercations with photocopiers/staplers/whiteout tape
  • The word ‘wingbat’
  • Mexican themed apologies
  • Contemplating the muscle memory of hands


Carbolic Smokeball Co. Gifts for professionals split up by industry. e.g. Trust me, I’m a Doctor cufflinks

The Meaning of Mate. Thank god we got that cleared up.

The Ultimate Geek Romantic Movies List at House of Geekery

I’m a word person in a big way. Numbers have no appeal to me whatsoever. Unless somebody puts them on a graph. Then I’m all over that sh*t. That is what this site does.. Very Small Array

And this cute song … ’cause it’s cute… and a song. Quick, go listen.

Hey Rosetta – Seeds